Professional Courses to Keep You Successful

Our professional courses are designed around your practice with experienced implantology instructors, hands-on courses, and weekend classes held in numerous locations across North America.

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  • Atlanta, GA
    5 April 2019 - 6 April 2019
    Total Dental Implant Reconstruction with Observation of LIVE Surgery
    Dental implants have been successfully used to restore edentulous maxillary and mandibular arches with implant supported fixed bridges, hybrid prosthetic dentures and removable overdenture prosthetics. However, many completely edentulous patients desire a fixed restoration rather than a removable prosthesis. “A fixed restoration provides the psychological advantage of acting and feeling similar to natural teeth, whereas an overdenture, even if fully implant supported, remains a removable prosthesis”. 14 CE
  • Portland, OR
    3 May 2019
    Intermediate Grafting and Implant Placement Protocols
    Not every patient presents to your practice with an edentulous area that is ready for dental implant placement. This course allows the practitioner to understand, plan and implement the steps necessary to augment the implant site. 7 CE
  • Portland, OR
    4 May 2019
    3D Guided Implant Planning, Placement and Restoration Using CBCT
    Many times, we see dental implants that are placed in less than ideal positions. Not only does this create restorative challenges, but it can also create problems of non-axial loading leading to screw loosening or fracture. With CBCT being much more available and affordable, implant placement can now be performed with 3D computer guided navigation. 7 CE